Stamford Pharmacy Alumni Association (SPAA)

Stamford Pharmacy Alumni Association (SPAA) is an association of Pharmacy graduates (Pharmacists) of Stamford University Bangladesh. It fosters a lifelong spirit of belonging and pride by connecting alumni and friends of Department of Pharmacy.  Functions of SPAA are to organize social events, publish newsletters or magazines, and raise funds and so forth for the organization. It was established in July 24, 2009.  At present, there are more than 500 registered members of this organization. Members are the precious possession and valued ambassador of the University & Organization as well.  SPAA has been working in order to-

  1. Provide an opportunity to strengthen friendships and to reacquaint class members
  2. Uphold the honor and excellence of Department of Pharmacy as well as Stamford University Bangladesh.
  3. Protect the rights, and promote the well being of its members;
  4. Facilitate and encourage alumni to contribute in the development of the current students
  5. Provide opportunities for continuing professional growth and development for its members

SPAA has a well defined constitution to protect rights and promote the well being of its members. From its inception, SPAA has been arranging a lot of social events & activities to continue enduring tie up with all the stakeholders of organization.

General Activities

Operation of the Association – Members of the Executive Committee meet once a month to monitor its current activities and future plans. Besides EC Meeting, there is a provision of Annual General Meeting (AGM) to review and evaluate the activities of the association.

Information Source for its Members – the Association plans to publishes Magazine, Newsletter and other public health related publications to provide information on its various activities.

To Encourage Friendship Among its Members – Reunions, Picnics, Cultural functions, Iftar Parties other events are arranged by the Association for its members and their families.

To Encourage the Future Generation- It is also planning to offer scholarship and award program for meritorious students to encourage the future generation of Bangladesh.

Social Activities

The Association raises funds through collection of annual fees from its members and helps the poor people in need with cloths, food, medicine etc. The Association organizes seminars on important public health issue of Bangladesh.